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( Fun Fact : The logo was made in the image of their great point guard Moriah Jefferson )

When you think of girls grassroots basketball in the Dallas-Fort Worth area without a doubt DFW Elite is a name that comes across anybody mind when searching for a team for their daughter. Marques Jackson founded DFW Elite in 2004 after his daugther, Tiffany Jackson, complete her prep career. Coach Jackson devoted his life to providing a vehicle for young ladies to utilize their basketball skills to obtain a scholarship. His vision was to prove to America that Texas could compete with the best players in the nation. On Sunday, April 11th, 2010, Coach Jackson was called home to glory at the young age of 46.

Prior to his death, his program was one of the top programs in the nation and after his death, his program became even more powerful. His teams won more tournaments, his players obtained more scholarships, his legacy lives on.

DFW Source of sports sat down with Corey Hegwood the director of DFW Elite to talk about the history of the program, the greats and their events.

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