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The Star In The McLeod

The class of 2022 in the Dallas- Fort Worth area has a lot of talent when it comes to girls basketball. Most of those girls in that class will end up playing college basketball some day after high school . Lalia McLeod a 5’10 wing who plays for the Duncanville Pantherettes is a player that you can expect to be in the category once she graduates high school .

McLeod is one of those players in our opinion who should be rank top 10 in the state of Texas but , currently at the moment she is not. In this clip you will find out why McCleod is not bother by the rankings because , for her being highly rank elsewhere is more important then anything else.

DFW source of sports sat down 1 on 1 with McLeod to discuss how she trains, Duncanville Pantherettes basketball , and much more...

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