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The Christmas Pop Up Recap

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Written By : Dallas Hoop Scene

Date: 12/19/2022

Nia Jefferson 2027 - Texas Tru Hoops

Nia Jefferson is a talented rebounder and tenacious defender. She excels at perimeter defense due to her immense athleticism and passion for the game. Additionally, her ability to grab rebounds and minimize scoring opportunities for her opponents, allows her to contribute even on off-shooting nights. These efforts were evident in the team’s victory Saturday afternoon at the Christmas Pop Up Tournament. She will likely continue to be a strong contributor to any team as she progresses through her basketball career.

Nadia Jordan 2027 - Proskills

Nadia Jordan is a highly skilled and intelligent middle school basketball player who is a member of the Proskills AAU team. She is known for her exceptional court vision, which enables her to locate open teammates and create scoring opportunities. Jordan also possesses a strong shooting ability and can knock down shots from beyond the arc. In addition to her physical skills, Jordan boasts a high basketball IQ and consistently makes smart decisions on the court. Altogether, Jordan is a well-rounded player that will flourish on any team at the 8th grade level.

Cade Tucker 2030 - Dynasty Elite

Cade Tucker is a young, physically dominant big in the class of 2029. He currently plays for Dynasty Elite, and showcases a strong defensive presence and ability to finish around the rim. This makes him unique amongst his age group as he’s unafraid to get physical down low. In addition to his on-court contributions, he is a positive influence on his teammates and has a great locker room presence. Tucker is a valuable asset to any team due to his versatility and ability to contribute in various aspects of the game.

Kaiden Raines 2030 - Dynasty Elite

Kaiden Raines is an impressive, young guard in the class of 2029. He currently plays for Dynasty Elite alongside teammates Seth Ndri and Cade Tucker, and has already demonstrated great on-court potential. Raines is known for his shooting ability and is a reliable scoring threat from beyond the arc. Additionally, he is a fundamentally sound passer and is able to set up scoring opportunities for his teammates. Raines is already playing up an age level and had a great performance at the Christmas Pop Up Tournament, where his team won by over 50 points. Overall, Raines can contribute to an offense in a variety of ways and likely has a bright future ahead of him as he continues to grow into his body.

Demarcus Love Jr 2039 - DFW Stars

Demarcus Love Jr is a talented young guard who is highly aggressive when attacking the basket. He has a firm handle on the ball and is confident in his decision-making, which allows him to effectively advance the ball up the court. Love Jr also has a dependable floater and is skilled at drawing fouls. At 5'0", he may be undersized for his age group, but he more than makes up for it with his strong hands and determination. He is a key player for the DFW Stars and currently plays up an age group, demonstrating his competitive drive. Overall, Love Jr has the potential to be a valuable asset to any team at the middle school level.

Sandy Cortez 2027 - Tha Answer

Sandy Cortez is a skilled big who has the ability to score on all three levels of the court. She is known for her advanced basketball IQ, which allows her to recognize and exploit mismatches on the court. When matched up against smaller defenders, Cortez is able to dominate and assert her dominance on the court. In addition to her scoring ability, Cortez also possesses a smooth jump shot, which is uncommon for a player her age. Overall, Cortez is a formidable player who presents a significant mismatch problem for opponents at the middle school level.

Niyah Grigsby 2028 - The Basics Elite/Tha Answer

Niyah Grigsby is a talented young player who stands at 6'1". She has a deep shooting for her age that makes her very dangerous shooter . Like her older brother she also has a lot length that makes her a superior scorer , elite rebounder and shot blocker which causes problems for her opponents . Grigsby also showed signs on being a finisher as she led her team to a 34-31 victory over Swift Kidz by hitting key shots and knocking down free-throws on Saturday afternoon. Overall, she displays a high level of awareness and skill on the court and has the potential to excel at the next level. Keep your eyes out on this one.

Jay Grigsby 2027 - The Basics Elite

Jay Grigsby older brother to Niyah Grigsby has all the tools to be one of the top prospects in his class. Grigsby found him self scoring around the rim using his length with his athleticism that help him and his team to secure the gold Saturday. He has nice size and speed that makes him factor on the court. The ability to see floor with his superior defense will definitely set Grigsby part for the Class of 2027. DFW Hoop Scene looks forward to watch him bloom over the years.

Seth Ndri 2030 - Dynasty Elite

Seth Ndri is a talented and physically imposing forward in his middle school years. Standing at 5'10", he has a long frame that allows him to effectively battle for rebounds and finish around the rim. Ndri is a member of the Dynasty Elite AAU team and had a standout performance at the Christmas Pop Out Tournament, where he scored over 20 points in a single game. His strong body frame and ability to finish strong make him a formidable threat for opponents to defend. Overall, Ndri is likely to continue his rapid growth due to his strong work ethic as he is already training over 4 times a week.

Kennedy Borders 2027 - Swift Kidz

Kennedy Borders is a tough and polished guard in the class of 2027. She is a member of the Swift Kidz team and already possesses the ability to finish strong at the basket. In addition to her scoring, Borders is also a skilled defender, able to lock down opponents and make it difficult for them to score. Overall, Borders is a two-way talent that can make strong contributions to any team at the middle school level.

Jayda Rogers 2031- DC Queens

Jayda Rogers is a natural on-court leader who is entering her middle school years. She is a member of the DC Queens team and has already demonstrated excellent ball handling skills and the ability to effectively run an offense. She is also a strong finisher around the rim, able to convert tough shots in traffic. Finally, Rogers is a gifted passer and is able to find open teammates and make accurate passes to set up scoring opportunities.


These young ladies battle so hard over the weekend that these two teams that are in the same program played each other in the championship. Future is might bright for Proskills because these ladies' can ball.

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