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Between These Lines Recap

Jaliya McNeal Class of 2029 - Texas Team Work

is an inside scorer who is looking to average 10 points and 7 rebounds for the season. Her greatest strength is driving to the hoop. She also has a solid mid-range game, which makes her a tough matchup against any opponent at the middle school level. Finally, she's a fierce competitor who always plays with energy and intensity no matter what the situation is.

Makayla Williams Class of 2029 – Texas Team Work is a great team player and communicator who is extremely coachable. She looks to drive to the basket or shoot the three ball, and is adept at steals. Her goal is to always place top 3 in every tournament, underscoring her winning mentality. Finally, she’s also a great ball handler and can create her own shots in any situation. Kilyah Long - Class of 2027 – DFW Tha Answer is a confident and great shooter who is also a good offensive/defensive rebounder. She uses her length to bother opponents and alter shots. She is versatile and can play multiple positions on the court. She's a natural leader on the court and is always communicating to her teammates on both ends of the floor.

Sandy Cortez (#22) Class of 2027 – DFW Tha Answer is not afraid to do the dirty work. She excels in rebound/second-chance points and is a good free throw shooter. She is also an underrated playmaker, especially out of the post and has the ability to find open teammates. Cortez is a great addition to any team and has a bright future ahead of her. The NEW Answer

Jasmine Strickland Class of 2027- DFW Tha Answer is the new kid on the block but is already making a name for herself, as she’s a quick learner and has already assimilated to her team’s style of play. She pushes the pace down hill/in transition and is great at forcing turnovers and playing the passing lanes. She is extremely tenacious on defense and can press opponents.

It’s Really LEVELS To This Game

Amarri Wesley -Class of 2027- Max Levels Next

has a smooth jumper and is a good free throw shooter. Extremely dominant in the paint , using his big body to draw fouls and finish around the basket. With his combination of size and motor, Wesley can create buckets at a moments notice and has his way with turnaround jumpers, layups, etc. Definitely a name to keep your eye on as he transitions to high school. Steven Mcleod -Class of 2027-Max Levels Next

has a great ability to box out and uses his size to back down defenders in the post. He has good instincts and uses his length to alter shots and bother opponents. He also forced multiple turnovers on risky passes and disrupted opponent’s shots with his blocks. Alex Alexander Class of 2027-Max Levels Next uses his size to get buckets down low. He moves extremely well for his size and age and has great post passing/vision to open teammates. Additionally, he’s a force on the boards known for his work ethic and willingness to do the dirty work to win games. He also boasts an impressive basketball IQ, as he is able to read the floor and make smart decisions with the ball. Things Are Getting REAL In Fort Worth

Elijah Hernandez -Class of 2027-Fort Worth Real is an extremely tenacious defender, known for his ability to positively impact every game even when his shot isn't falling. He has great court awareness and plays off his teammates well, utilizing the strong team chemistry that has developed after playing with his squad for 2 years.

Isaiah Romero -Class of 2027- Fort Worth Real is a deadly 3-point shooter, known for his tough shot making ability. He has supreme confidence in all aspects of his game, allowing him to never be afraid of the moment and take big shots with ease. All in all, his quickness and agility make him a tough matchup for any defender.

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